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Contract research

Since 2012 Nanopharma has been offering partners its expert services in the area of research, development, experimental validation and pilot testing for materials solutions specifically geared to the technological and innovation needs of the client.

Our customers can:

  • test the technological and economic viability of their plans
  • validate a project based on their own internal criteria and needs before making greater investments
  • have original innovative projects prepared for their products and technologies, thereby boosting their competitiveness and IP
  • outsource solutions for partial or comprehensive R&D problems

Examples of services from the Technology Solutions division:

  • Incorporation of nanoparticles and active substances into nanofiber systems
  • Analysis and design of technical solutions encompassing nanofiber materials or the modification of other (nano) materials
  • Development of customized nanofiber layers
  • Research into the production of nanofiber structures from specific materials
  • Feasibility studies
  • Full design and implementation of development projects from concept creation right through to operational testing
  • Integration of technologies into customers' operations
  • Constituent research work – research, testing of mechanical properties, analysis of material structures, etc.


Our multidisciplinary team can quickly and flexibly prepare designs for specific technological solutions, including related analysis of market, financial and regulatory matters. Please use the following form to make a non-binding inquiry:

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