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Nanopharma a.s. is a technology company operating in the area of nanomaterials engineering. We have been intensively involved in research and development of nanofiber structures for niche clinical and technical applications since 2008.

Nanopharma has built up strongly practical knowledge and experience in electrospinning of a wide range of natural and synthetic polymers and providing specific useful properties to the nanofiber layers produced by using a number of functionalization techniques and modification processes. This means Nanopharma can prepare customized 2D and 3D structures to order – whether for a specific cell line, active ingredient or industrial product.
Nanopharma is currently expanding both locally and globally as a research and development partner for a number of different industrial and research organizations, putting their planned innovations into practice, from concept to pilot testing.


2008 company founded 
2010 co-founded Nanoprogres, the nanotech cluster
2011 joined biotech group SinBio
2012 completed developing main reproducible and scalable electrospinning technologies, began commercialization
2013 Start-Up of the Year Award by the Czech Board of Global Entrepreneurship Week
2014 Best Board Award by the Czech Institute of Directors

sinbio  Nanopharma is a member of SinBio, the Czech biotech group, where it collaborates closely and synergizes with companies working in cell therapy and regenerative medicine in human and veterinary practice.


nanoprogresNanopharma is a founding member of the leading Czech nanotech cluster, Nanoprogres. Nanopharma works with other members in the cluster on collective research projects in the area of preparing and applying nanofiber materials.

mapa CR  Nanopharma operates in Pardubice, as well as in Prague and Liberec, where development, production and business activities take place.