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NanoMatrix3D® are unique nanofibrous structures developed and optimized to serve as multi-purpose scaffolds. These allow cell adhesion and growth, which leads to new tissue formation. NanoMatrix3D® structures were developed by the experienced team of Nanopharma’s experts following a long track of successful R&D collaborations with biomedical scientists and institutions. The product’s mission is to enable progress and new developments in the field of regenerative medicine.

Nanofibrous scaffolds are composed of extremely fine fibers with diameters ranging from hundreds of nanometers to 1 micrometer. The structure of such scaffolds is similar to extracellular matrix creating a natural environment for cellular expansion and proliferation. The high specific surface area of nanofibers facilitates better cell adhesion, which is only one of the many advantages of nanofibrous scaffolds.

NanoMatrix3D® structures are used mainly for laboratory research, development and experimental purposes. The application field includes research of differentiation, in vitro expansion and cell cultivation, however, the material can be used for other specific purposes as well. All materials used for production of NanoMatrix3D® are biologically degradable polymers commonly used in medical research and clinical practice, e.g. in tissue engineering, wound healing, surgery and implantology.