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Liliana Berezkinová
CEO and Chairwoman of the Board of Directors

Liliana graduated from the University of Finance and Administration with a degree in Business Management and Corporate Finance. She also completed an internship at IESE Business School. She is currently a member of the Supervisory Board of the parent group SinBio and member of the Board of Directors for the Association of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and Crafts of the Czech Republic, where she is managing a project for young entrepreneurs called Svou cestou – Young Business. Since 2011 she has also served as sales and marketing manager for Nanoprogres, the Czech nanotech cluster. She regularly makes presentations and publishes on the topic of transferring technologies and innovations, cluster management and start-up management.

At Nanopharma Liliana is directly responsible for developing strategic partnerships, managing domestic and international projects and managing the company’s commercial activities, in addition to managing the company.

She speaks fluent English, German, Spanish and Czech.

+420 734 266 109



Kateřina Vodseďálková, Ph.D.
Chief Project Officer

Kateřina graduated from the Technical University in Liberec from the Department of Nonwovens. In 2011 she defended her dissertation on the topic of “Coaxial Electrospinning”. Since 2011 she has also been involved with Nanoprogres, the Czech nanotech cluster, as a supervisor for selected research projects.

At Nanopharma Kateřina participates in company management from the standpoint of managing research and development programs as a member of the Board of Directors and Technical Director. She is directly responsible for managing international research projects and relations with research and commercial partners.

She speaks English, German and Czech.

+420 734 787 523



Jakub Erben
Product Development Manager.

Jakub graduated in Nonwoven Textiles and Nanofibrous Materials from the Technical University of Liberec.

Since 2014, he has been working in Nanopharma as a manager in charge of design of technology solutions and their execution.

He speaks Czech and English.

+420 730 855 854



Michal Valko
Project and Account Manager

Michal graduated from Natural and synthetic polymers at Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology, Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, specializing in biodegradable materials. Michal joined Nanopharma in 2018 and is responsible for executing both internal and external business-related projects. Moreover, he is supporting product development, development of distribution channels network, strategic alliances as well as relationships with key customers and stakeholders.

Michal speaks English and Slovak.

+420 735 726 942



Lucie Kůsová

Lucie graduated from the Charles University in Prague, with a degree from Journalism. Since 2012 Lucie has worked as a freelancer for small and medium enterprises, start-ups, and non-profit organizations. She was responsible for creating and executing marketing strategies, and consistent brand communication in all outlets.

Lucie joined Nanopharma in 2018, and she is responsible for creating and executing social media strategy, influencer marketing and supporting PR activities for the project [n]fibrecare.

She speaks English, Polish, and Czech.

+420 733 550 366



Lucie Vysloužilová, Ph.D.
Production Manager.

Lucie graduated from the Technical University in Liberec, the Department of Nonwovens. She dealt with the development of coaxial electrospinning. From 2011 to 2014 she was involved with Nanoprogres, the Czech nanotech cluster, as a researcher.

Since 2015 she has been working at Nanopharma as a production manager. She is responsible for a complete production management and development, optimization, coordination of production and logistics of new products for the company. She participates in the preparation of domestic and international projects.

She speaks English, Polish and Czech.

+420 731 126 234



Denisa Vacíková
Financial manager

Denisa graduated from ČVUT in Prague, Faculty of Transport, subject Economics and Management. Since 2004, Denisa has been involved in personnel management, finance, and consequently in project management mainly in Czech companies. She continued to study outside of her professional field and received an accredited examination of the National Qualification System "Lecturer of Further Education" and the status of a Trainer of Cognitive Functions. As an economic and project manager of small and medium-sized companies, she has acquired significant experience currently implemented in Nanopharma.

In Nanopharma, she is primarily involved in human resources and finance. Furthermore, she is an integral member of the grant programs execution team. Financial management, optimization and communication with employees are her priorities.

She speaks Czech and English.

+420 737 20 33 88



Ladislav Folberger
Chief Operating Officer

Graduated from the University of Chemistry and Technology Prague, Faculty of Chemical Technology. He began his professional career at a large chemical company in Northern Bohemia, where he gained experience in laboratory and operational practice at production of chlorinated solvents as a technology engineer. He moved to the business department of the company as a Sales Manager of chlorinated solvents. After he moved to Prague, he continued his business journey with multinational chemistry distribution companies where he had the opportunity to participate in the implementation of ISO quality and ERP systems, manage the REACH chemicals registration, and participate in the implementation of a web project on the commercial portal of chemical substances and raw materials on a global scale.
At Nanopharma is responsible for quality management, system solutions of company operations and coordination of departments for the implementation of projects.

He speaks Czech, English, German and Russian.

+420 731 126 267



Karel Raiser, MBA
Chief Financial Officer

Karel graduated from University of Economics, Prague, majoring in corporate finance and accounting and ESSEC & Mannheim Business Schools where he obtained his MBA degree.

Karel has more than 10 years of professional experience from corporations such as SITA, HILLS and Johnson & Johnson, where he held positions in finance, business analytics and business development.

As a finance manager he managed tens of mil USD P&L and led key projects in the CEE region such as customer segmentation, pricing harmonization, sales force effectiveness, investment optimization and KPI reporting. As a key account manager he was responsible for acquisition of new distributors and negotiating with key customers.

At Nanopharma Karel is responsible for defining and executing financial strategy, risk management, pricing and ensuring overall effectivity and effectiveness of the company.

Karel is fluent in English and Czech.

+420 728 015 425



Andrea Klápšťová
Junior Production Manager

Andrea graduated from the Nonwoven Materials and Nanomaterials Department at the Technical University in Liberec. She has been working in the Development and Production Department at Nanopharma since February 2014.

She is mainly responsible for developing and optimizing production of nanofibers at Nanopharma, including incorporating active ingredients into the nanofiber layer.

She speaks Czech and English.



Adéla Coufalová
Head of Material Engineering

Adela studies the field of Nanomaterials at the Technical University of Liberec. During studies she has gained experience at the Department of nanomaterials in the natural sciences.
Since 2017 she has been working at Nanopharma as Material Engineer responsible for development of medical and industrial technology solutions for Nanopharma’s clients.

She speaks English and Czech.

+420 739 545 025



Vladimir Rassushin
Chief Scientific Officer

Vladimir graduated from the department of Nano-, Bio-, Information Technologies and Cognitive sciences at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, with degree in applied mathematics and physics. He previously worked in National Research Center in Russia and a biotech company in the Czech Republic.
Vladimir joined Nanopharma in 2018 and is responsible for designing and executing nanofiber production as well as material engineering-based assignments.

Vladimir speaks English and Russian.

+420 739 545 026